Graphic Design


Exit Studios



Exit Studio’s is the brain child of Andrew Cole, operating from a secret space somewhere out there. Cole works with an international assortment of mixed media based clients. With the main aspect covering television, fashion, music and print. His work can be seen by millions everyday. MTV, Channel 4, Sky, Discovery and BBC are just some of the television networks he has created imagery for. His creativity is especially pronounced in his work with record labels, as an avid collector of vinyl, the tactile and visual nature of records appeals to both the collector and the designer in him, vinyl is conducive to his flair for creating strong elegant themes across a series of imagery.



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Visual Jam

With a history in more conventional and utilitarian design, Vincent aka Visual Jam made his first steps in design working for corporate brands and government agencies such as the french ministry for education. However a move to Ibiza and a collaboration with Zoo Project allowed him to exercise his creative flair. Hired to ensure the continuity of all Zoo Projects visual communication media (web, print, video, photography, set design, etc..) he has displayed his own unique style and imagination across a vast collection of visual media.


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