The artist for Shackleton’s influential, ‘Skull Disco’, and ‘Woe to the Septic Heart’ labels, Zeke Clough has also produced artwork for numerous other people including: Warp Records, Mordant Music, Kevin Martin/The Bug, Honest Jon’s, Ekoplekz(on Planet Mu) and Kris Wadsworth.

In 2011 he toured Japan and collaborated with the designer Ryujiro Tamaki and the Impossible Project on a clothing collection, multimedia events and product design.

He has exhibited in Japan, New York, Berlin, Manchester and London, as well as being featured in both mainstream publications and numerous underground books.

He has just completed another Ekoplekz cover for Planet Mu, his first animated video (for Ekoplekz), is currently designing graphics for a modular synthesizer as well as working on his next comic strip and a series of prints for his Proto Murk label.