Pilar Zeta

Some people believe they are made of stars. Pilar Zeta embodies the idea in every move she makes. A self-taught artist, Zeta inherited a cosmological outlook and adventurous spirit from her mother. “I’ve always been fascinated and highly influenced by UFOs. My mom is a strong believer that ‘the truth is out there.'” Like many Indigo Children, Pilar’s awakening led her inward first through mediation at age 16, then outward into the world beyond through her art.

Unrestricted by conventional notions of time or space, Zeta’s ascent in the art and design worlds has been quick and compelling. In just a few years, she has created striking artwork and packaging for key electronic musicians and promoters; launched her own multidisciplinary agency; co-founded a lifestyle brand; and exhibited mixed media installations at galleries all over the world. Her work has already been celebrated in several influential and international outlets including Resident Advisor and Groove Magazine.

Zeta’s boundless vision has fueled a jet-set trajectory from her native Buenos Aires to Miami, Berlin, and Los Angeles, her present home. At age 19, Pilar left Argentina for the U.S. as a foreign exchange student with “no money, credit cards, or cell phone.” Her affinity with the supernatural, aesthetics, and electronic music quickly endeared her to Miami’s top nightlife promoters.

“Looking forward to a change in environment, meeting new people, and evolution,” in 2009 Zeta relocated to another DJ mecca, Berlin. As part of the vibrant city’s burgeoning art scene, Zeta exhibited in Berlin, London, and Moscow. In 2010 she founded RAD, a creative agency inspired by Thoth, the Egyptian deity of arbitration and hieroglyphics. Clients, referred to as Believers, included music labels such as Island Records, Big Beat, Crosstown Rebels, Hotlfush, and Get Physical.

Through one of her RAD Believers Zeta met Aedan MacDonald in 2012. Applying their practice of transferring art to fabric, they launched Holographic Universe in 2014. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the fashion and lifestyle brand was influenced by their fascination with the cosmos, neo-classical sculpture, and time travel. Their first collection, titled Ganymede after Saturn’s moon, featured multiple garments in deep, rich hues and abstract prints that evoke the magnetic moon’s rocky, icy textures and winked at 1980s airbrushed minimalism. The collection showed in Paris & New York and was photographed by techno-funk wunderkind Jimmy Edgar, whom Zeta met in 2011.

The pair has remained kindred spirits and prolific collaborators ever since. While on sojourn in Machu Pichu in 2013, Zeta and Edgar created Ultramajic, a conceptual label comprising music, photography, art, 3D video, objects, magick cards, and immersive multisensory installations.

In the spring, 2014, Zeta announced the closing of her agency RAD to move to Los Angeles and focus on creating cross-platform art in her own name.