Hello Alejandro, can you start off by telling us where you are from?

I was  born in Barcelona in 1977 but because of a job opportunity that presented itself to my father we came to Ibiza when I was five years old, I feel like an “adopted Ibicenco”.


What was your first experience with photography?

The first time I got involved in photography I was very young, about 7 years old, I did a project at school where I had to take some pictures with an old kodak film camera. Everybody was surprised with my well framed pictures but I didn’t care much for it… until the start of the digital age that is. I was working in a private computer learning cenrer when my boss bought a Nikon Coolpix 995, I soon fell in love with that toy.


When did you start to get serious?

I was 18 years old, and then everything really started, first with Nikon cameras (Coolpix 995, Coolpix 4500, D70, D50, D200), finally moved to Canon because of full-frame option (Canon 5D, 5D Mark II and now Canon 5D Mark III).


You also work a full time job, how do you find the time for your rather prolific photographic work?

My work is very hard and takes a lot of time. I try my best to find time to do some time-lapses, because of this, during the summer I do more night timelapses.

Can you tell us a little about Ibiza Timelapse, who else is involved?

Ibiza Timelapses is 50% Alejandro Iborra, and 50% Jose Antonio Hervas. We are the only ones in Ibiza that we do Timelapse Photography constantly, we’ve been friends because the photography many years ago, and we’ve been learning one from the other. One day we saw a timelapse video from Tom Lowe, one of the most important timelapsers in the world and we started to do it, that was 5 years ago and we’re still on it. Last year I decided to create the blog and facebook page to show our stuff to the public, that’s how “Ibiza Timelapses” started.

In ibiza there’s a lot of people shooting photography, we’ve got a group in flickr called “Flickeros de Ibiza” with 350 members. Some of my favourite photographers in Ibiza include Jose Antonio Hervas (My mate, of course), Rafa Dominguez (from FotoRaymar), German G.Lama (Main photographer from the Ultima Hora newspaper) and a lot of amateurs who are learning a lot, some of them moving to pro.


The film that first brought you to our attention is of course “This Is Ibiza”, a rather magical view of the Island we know and love. Can you tell us a little about the making?

To make a film like This is Ibiza took a lot of time, mainly because I’ve got my own work and young children at home. Every time I do a timelapse session it takes hours to get maybe 20 seconds of video, if it’s during the night  the time needed is much longer. I remember I did a 12 hour night session in Portinatx for a video, from 6pm until 6am just to do a 2 minute video. This is Ibiza is a 7 minutes video, with a lot of different locations in different seasons of the year, it took to me about 2 years to film and post production. Now I do shorter videos, maximum 3 or 4 minutes to be much productive.

You can find an astounding amount of Alejandro’s work on his Vimeo Chanel, be sure to check it out.