Please for our readers who are totally green to the Ibiza Music Video Festival, can you summarise the basic premiss of the event?

The Ibiza Music Video Festival (IMVF) is a one of a kind festival whereby we develop talent, exchange knowledge and reward creativity. Typically, artists  or bands receive the recognition, whereas, we want to celebrate the craft of the music video – the people who make the musicians look good!

This platform gives new talent an opportunity to meet with experts from the industry and to show their work to people who may otherwise never get to see it. The IMVF is also a place where established companies, record labels, director’s reps and advertising agencies can source and discover new international talent – who often make the transition from music videos to commercials and feature films.


Why Ibiza?

There’s such a wealth of talent and inspiration here; people from all walks of life and industries but with a common creative denominator. Ibiza has a name for its dance and club scene, sure, but there are many people who come here simply to tap into the pool of creative energy that has little to do with the club scene. That boho, artsy reputation that Ibiza has is directly linked to this creative community, and gives the island and energy and a buzz that needs to be experienced first hand. And then there’s just the outrageous beauty of the place: stunning sandy beaches, underwater caves … and the best Calamari ala Plancha that I, for one, have ever tasted!


Is this event primarily for industry or can the public attend? If so what does it offer the layman or the amateur film enthusiast? 

This event is for anyone with an interest in this business from laymen to students to top notch producers and directors there will be opportunities to learn about the film and Music industry, meet interesting people and attend a beach front award ceremony and after party.



It’s a two day event, what kind of activities can attendees expect to encounter over the two day period?

Day one is the Academy with panels on Pre-production, Production and Post-pro. Day two includes interactive workshops and brand stations, where attendees can take away hands on experience from a variety of different subjects. Each evening will include private parties in celebration of the craft of the music video.


Your company is Motion Picture House, a london based production company, how did you arrive at organising a film festival in Ibiza?

Elizabeth Fear has been a producer on the island and worked in the industry for many years.  Rupert Bryan was working on the island on a music video…and voila a marriage made in heaven.


Have you had a lot of support from local government for this project?

Absolutely, the San Jose Town hall has been behind us all the way. With the Ibiza Music Video Festival being held in mid October, we extend the season by a week, opening up the Island for more interesting events.


Tell us about your entries for the festival, what kind of volume do you receive and from where do you receive them?

Last year (in a two month window for submissions) we received over 116 submissions from 28 different countries. To date we have received over 170 entries, including videos from Arcade Fire, Chvches and past submitters. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the video which have already been submitted



Who can submit a video? 

Anyone who has been involved in making a music video in the last year can submit, whether you’re the Director, Editor or Stylist. You can put your video up for 3/10 categories to be in for a chance of winning an award and prizes collectively worth over £20,000 (or £2,000 each) at the award ceremony. For more details on how to submit your video, visit  (Submissions are still till September 9th 2014 )


How long has the festival been running? This is the second year. We hope the IMVF will grow into an annual industry festival.


What’s new this year?

This year we have included a more interactive and hands on experience for our attendee by featuring workshops and Brand stations. If you have any burning questions about your career path, how to market your video or even the production stages, you can ask our industry experts in person.


(Last years winner Best Director – Devotion by Kap Bambino)


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