Winter in Ibiza is a time to take stock and plan ahead. Winter is when ideas are hatched and plans are made. It’s also a great time for self-improvement, a time to research and learn new skills. With this in mind, the Creative Collective is calling on skilled creatives with knowledge in Film and Film Editing, Photography and Photographic Editing, Graphic Design, Sound Editing and Design, Video Mapping and any other creative or technical skill that you can impart knowledge on.

We are gathering skilled creatives for a skill share where people can meet up and exchange knowledge and techniques. If you have a skill you can impart and you are interested in gaining knowledge in another field then please join our facebook group and create a post indicating your area and level of expertise and the area and level of expertise you wish to learn.

Facebook Post

Once sign-ups begin you can arrange one to one skill shares with your teach/learn matches. Then once signups gain in numbers we will organise workshops. We will give you more information on our partners when workshops commence. Knowledge is power and in numbers, we have strength, welcome to the Creative Collective