To be Phrank

Originally from Dusseldorf, photographer Phrank is a very familiar face on the Ibiza scene, having worked his magic here since the 90s and providing a very visual and accurate image of what Ibiza is all about. In particular, he is renowned on the club scene, working over the years for surely, some of the most reputable promoters and clubs on the island- amongst them Manumission, Cocoon, We Love, Amnesia, Space, Privilege.

(Jill Canney, Fix Ibiza)


A man with a vision

Frank Weyrauther is better known to publicists and musicians alike from London to Ibiza under the moniker ‘Phrank’ as the man with the camera documenting the international party life non stop.

He discovered his love for photography during his studies at the University of Niederrhein: ‘For my jobs at event agencies and music labels i needed pictures that were not available anywhere and at that time you had no access to data bases on the net as we know it today, without speaking of author’s rights.’

What was born out of necessity soon became his passion and ended in a full-time job. Especially his style-shaping themes of the club- and rave scene in Germany end of the 90’s made ‘Phrank’ a reference to all in a very short period. Magazines like ‘Prinz’ or important daily newspapers like ‘Bild’ requested his works. But the german rave scene was not enough for Phrank, especially after he noticed the international demand of his works. Ibiza, mother of all party islands, was the perfect setting for his excursions into nightlife.

He soon became a reference for the international clientele, contract works for glossy magazines like ‘Playboy’ or ‘Glamour’ and agencies like ‘Scholz & Friends’ were the next logical step.But it was mainly the music- and club scene which took all his attention. Nowadays international music magazines like ‘Mixmag’ or ‘DJ-Mag’ or super clubs like Space, Amnesia, Pacha or Privilege or Sven Väth’s ‘Cocoon’ are amongst his clients.

It is the emotional moment of a motive that is always at the core of his work, that is one of if not the reason why insider consider him best Photographer of the island. Since 2007 Phrank is as well partner in crime and Creative director of ‘dub Ibiza Magazine’.

After almost fourteen years in Ibiza’s nightlife Phrank did not only capture people from all over the globe but almost every big DJ and lots of Celebrities. He moves smoothly between onstage and offstage, between warm-ups and afterhours, wherever he can find an interesting motive. The time has come for a cultural enriched refurbishment of his works, that is why this exhibition came to life.

(Uwe Hasenfuss, PRINZ)