Jocie is an upcoming video artist with a passion for music and documentary, her work within the music industry is extensive and varied. A broadcast background at MTV led to a freelance career working with major record labels, when she is not in her respective UK and Ibiza bases she is travelling the globe to covering events.

The footage captured in the video below is from a unique party Vitalik orchestrated with Lost Ibiza last June. Vitalik have been firm proponents of Ibiza’s underground resistance since 2005. The agenda of those involved past and present is to perpetuate the spirit of Ibiza that first enamoured them with the island. Their free parties are about connecting people with nature and giving people a sense of unity, celebrating people, music and dancing in its purest form… in short it is about celebrating life. We spoke to Jocie about her experience making the movie and found out about some of the other projects she has been working on recently.

How did you get into film making?

I went to Art College in Leeds where I made a few films and learnt how to edit – but I basically still hold my very inspiring video tutor responsible for my career as had it not been for her I’m pretty sure I never would have picked up a camera!


When did you first come to Ibiza and why?

The whole of the Production department – including me – got made redundant from MTV, where I worked around the time of the recession in 2009. So my best pal just suggested we go and see what all the fuss was about as surprisingly, neither of us had been before.. I fell in love with the Island, (and also with a dude), and then that was that!


How was  your experience filming Vitalik’s cave rave?

Well, on a technical level it was quite tricky before the sun came up as it was super dark and I really dislike using artificial lights when I shoot. But hopefully I got round this in the final edit by using some trippy effects.. The party was awesome. I remember on my first season doing a boat trip around the Island and a friend of mine pointing out the cave, telling me wistfully that they used to have full moon raves in there, I’m pretty pleased that I was able to experience it 3 years later.


Who else have you made short films for?

I used to work a bit for Crosstown Rebels – creatively very inspiring but financially not so! I also work quite a bit with the French agency Lola Ed, I am currently producing a documentary for their dj band Apollonia and I made a music video for their artist Seuil in 2011. Rob Star at Mulletover has been a great collaborator in the past, and has lead on to other work such as producing the official video for the UK festival Eastern Electrics.


Tell us a little about your Rebel Rave project, how did it come about and how was you experience being involved in something like this?

The rebelrave episodes came about when I first went freelance and was looking for openings – I sent some of my work to the Director David Terranova (who, with Damian Lazarus, was masterminding and producing the rebelrave concept). It happened that a few months later I was in Miami and available to film the infamous Crosstown ‘Get Lost’ party which he was unable to attend. We managed to make the episode in tandem with me on edit duties and David on sound mixing – all done via cross-atlantic skype chats! How very modern. The same thing happened for the Mexico episode which was great as the Crystalmafia girls (whom the episode was based around), become great friends after that – and future collaborators also.

David Terranova is ridiculously talented and I was very lucky to have a taste of working with him – Damian also was very inspiring and constantly coming up with new and crazy ideas.

A lot of your work is within the electronic music scene, a scene not typically well  represented on film, do you feel like you are documenting something culturally relevant for future generations?

I never really thought about it like that! But yes, I suppose in a way what I am doing is culturally relevant in its own way. The essence of Ibiza especially is something that very few seem to capture correctly – and it’s something that is so unique and wonderful. Sometimes catching an expression on someone’s face or the reaction to a tune that’s being played is all you need to convey the vibe of a party. You only have to look at the old rave footage from the 90′s to see how Partying changes dramatically over the decades – I suppose one day people may look these videos and see them as vintage raving portraits!


What’s the dream, what’s your end goal? 

It’s been a fun journey on the party circuit, but I’m having a stint in London now and trying to focus back on my original love of storytelling and documentary – which has always been the medium that has inspired me the most. I still have a few projects in the pipeline rooted in the dance music scene – and I would love one day to combine the two to make an updated version of the brilliant doc ‘a short film about chilling’.. Ibiza deserves to have its story told!


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