Born on the mainland but raised in Ibiza, Eloy Serrano Alcarez took a keen interest in film  at a young age. Having cut his teeth filming events all over the island he soon moved into music video production, as a self professed member of the the first wave of the MTV generation he was heavily influenced by video’s of that era. He is currently working with Henry Saiz creating  his visual content…


Where are you from?

I was born in Madrid, but came here to Ibiza when I was just 2 years old.


How did you get into film?

Since I was very little I was into video & music, drawing, recording… I had my family Video Hi-8 camcorder and I used to shoot some stop motion movies with my toys & with my friends later on. I still have some of those movies somewhere haha.


Where did you learn your trade?

In Barcelona, I was studying Human Sciences & going to a film academy to get some Film Direction classes. I bought a little DV camera with the money from one of my first jobs and started to get involved in event filming & editing, also learning the software and experimenting with the digital tools to create visuals for clubs, concerts, etc. At some point I had enough work to survive, but I wash`t totally happy in the city and I decided to move back to Ibiza to keep growing at home.


In terms of film makers, who do you take inspiration from?

I consider myself to be among the original MTV generation so I was influenced by the top music video directors and the leading film & TV directors of the era.

I’ve never been into just one director, but I love Lynch, Tarantino, Von Trier, Rodriguez, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Cohen Bros, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, etc, etc



How would you describe your style and what do you specialise in?

Personally I like darkness, getting the best out of low light conditions. I like to edit based on emotions.


What camera’s do you use?

Depends on the job, I tend to shoot the more creative stuff with a RED Epic. I work nowadays with cameras such the Canon C-300 and I’ve got a 5D Mark III as a personal camera, beside others.


Tell us about FR4M3?

I’ve started FR4M3 in Barcelona with a couple of friends. We’ve created since then an audiovisual brand based on our personal tastes which relays on the freedom of choice really. We (Frank Bufi, Pablo Camus & Eloy) are  basically freelances.


What projects have you worked on together?

We’ve created content, directed promos or music videos for more or less all the club brands on the island. We helped develop The Zoo Project, worked for Ibiza Rocks group creating content for UK channels such as Channel 4, T4 or MTV UK. We’ve also achieved a UKMVA prize for the best live music coverage in 2011.


Do you adopt similar roles or are you each skilled in your own area’s

As freelancers everyone seeks the best for each client. We are multimedia creatives not only video creators. Depends on the project, normally everyone designs his work team independently.


Tell us about your independent projects?

I’m directing my own music videos & creating all the visual content for Henry Saiz. With whom I’ve been making electronic music for a while now. The project is doing great worldwide, we’ve achieved several prizes already (Vicious’13 best live show, best spanish electronic track & best album) we recently played Sonar to great success and we’ve confirmed new American & Austrlian tours for this winter. So all looking is good on that side.