San Antonio, Ibiza is known for many things. Art and culture was not one of them, or at least it wasn’t before Bloop came on the scene. You may have noticed the huge, striking murals popping up on San Antonio’s buildings. This is the work of Bloop and their associated artists.

Having previously welcomed the likes of Martha Cooper, Phlem, Emilio Cejalvo, Xavi’s Lab and Montse Nadal to name a few, the free festival which enables artists to work within Ibiza’s natural surroundings, will this year be tackling “THE BEST” as it’s social theme. As contemporary society nurtures those who aspire to be, or appear to be the best The 4th edition of Bloop, will be questioning if this kind of arrogance really is “THE BEST“.


You can find them taking residence in the lighthouse in the centre of San An’s promenade from the 20th of July to the 24th of August. They host a craft market, various exhibitions, music and other forms of expression nightly. They will also be holding two large scale outdoor free parties in the Amphitheatre at Sa Punta Des Moli, as well as pop up restaurants and some unanounced surprises… more info on that to follow.