Native Instruments launch the first of four “Native Meetups” in association with the Creative Collective at Pikes on Wednesday the 19th of July. Product specialists Eric Sienknecht and Rufus White will be on hand to answer all questions relating to the software and hardware. They will also be holding master classes on Traktor’s remix deck and the software’s new step sequencer. Eric told us “I’ll be showing a few different ways and techniques on how to use Remix Sets exclusively and as add on within a normal DJ setup to create a mix with an own signature sound. Expect some otherworldly percussion elements on top of techno tools etc.”.

Native Instruments Ibiza

Trakor’s new step sequencer is a particularly interesting development that brings a huge potential for live performance, synching soft synths and hardware within a DJ set or as an entirely live performance. Eric on the sequencer went on to say “I’ll explain how the new step sequencer works, show some tricks to get it running and program sequences on top of other tracks using the Step Sequencer content that NI has released over the past few weeks via online music retailers like Beatport and Juno. The Remix Deck section and the Step Sequencer section will be done on the S8 or D2 during the evening”

Native Instruments D2 controller

Rufus White will be covering some interesting new developments in Maschine “I’m going to be going over some of the new features of Maschine that have been introduced this year including the ideas panel that allows you to come up with multiple patterns before committing them to the arrangement (like a virtual sketchpad), along with the humanise and variation functions that have been introduced along with it.”

The meetups are a casual affair where DJs and producers to meet and discuss ideas, ask questions learn new skills. Complimentary drinks and snacks are provided for all guests, it’s a great opportunity to network with like minded people in one of Ibiza’s most iconic destinations. Admission is free, rsvp here